Law as a Weapon

A sample agenda from “A Peoples Assembly to Confront Preemptive Prosecution via the War on Terror, the War on Drugs, and the War on Immigrants in the 21st Century..”

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Notetaker’s Guide (June 2010)


– Capture relevant information on process & content <NOT responsible for taking verbatim notes>

– Collect participant contact cards

<check in with facilitators to pass out & announce for coordinating with all PMAs>

– Collect agenda provided (if available)

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Facilitator Guide (June 2010)

Facilitator Guide (June 2010)

– Political Guidelines and Principles
– Preparation Before, During, and After Assembly
– Background to Peoples Movement Assembly (to integrate into introduction & welcome)
– Sample Agenda including Materials
– Sample Resolution for Action

The NEW Peoples Movement Assembly Organizing Kit

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